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Treatments for Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders

We offer comprehensive care to persons diagnosed with schizophrenia spectrum disorders, which include schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorders,  which can include a range of behavioral treatments, supports for independent living in the community, family therapy, guidance, and support, and referral and consultation with experts in psychiatric care for these disorders.

Improving the lives of person's diagnosed with these illnesses means taking a personalized and often, multi-pronged approach to care. After a careful evaluation, we tailor an individualized treatment plan which may include some or all of the treatments and supports below:

Symptom Management: We offer several cognitive behavioral treatments to help manage symptoms like hearing voices, having paranoid or unusual ideas, depression, anxiety, sleep disturbance, interpersonal difficulties, or impulsive behaviors. These treatments, offered in group formats include cognitive behavioral therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy for psychosis, and dialectical behavioral therapy.

Social Skills: Helping persons diagnosed with schizophrenia spectrum disorders to strengthen and expand their social connections can be an important focus of treatment. We offer several forms of treatment, both in group and individual treatment, aimed at improving social skills and social connectedness.  For more information on social skill building treatments, please refer to our page on social skills training, by clicking here.

Cognitive Skills: Approximately 85% of persons with these disorders experience some difficulty with their thinking skills (attention, memory, thinking speed, figuring out problems), and these difficulties can have a significant impact on one's ability to thrive at managing activities of daily living, school, and work. At the Lieber Clinic we offer several treatments which improve cognitive functioning. For more information on treatment of cognitive problems, click here.

Recovery coaching is a one-on-one treatment which focuses on applying the skills learned in groups to real world settings. This can mean the application of social skills in the community, practice and readiness for independent travel or independent living, or hand-on assistance with time management, planning, organization, and meeting one's own goals.  To learn more about recovery coaching, click here.

Family Support: Living with a schizophrenia spectrum illness can impact an entire family.  We offer an array of services including psychoeducation, parent coaching, and family therapy. In addition, families are encouraged to participate in treatment planning and progress meetings with the clinical team. For more information on family support services, please click here.

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