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Family Services

The Lieber Clinic views families as essential members of the treatment team, and welcomes their involvement in treatment through shared decision-making, psychoeducation, and therapeutic support services. The following are the family services available at the clinic:

Family Orientation


After an initial intake interview and once a patient is accepted into treatment at the Lieber Clinic, all patients and their families attend a family orientation meeting. Families learn and can ask about the range of services offered at the clinic, our treatment philosophy, and billing and clinic policies.  Patients learn who will be their care coordinator and review  their individual, personalized initial treatment plan.


Family Meetings

Clinic participants may occasionally invite family members to  meetings with their care coordinator. These meetings provide an opportunity to synchronize everyone's efforts to promote mental health recovery.

Executive Functioning Skills Family Group

Family members of patients attending the executive skills functioning (EF) groups can attend an informational session that explains what EF skills are, how deficits can manifest in behavior, and how EF training and intervention can improve functioning, motivation, and self-esteem.

Parent Coaching

Parent coaching provides parents with support, guidance and education about helping an adult or emerging adult cope with mental illness. 


Family Therapy

Family therapy is available  through the Lieber Clinic and the Columbia psychiatry network of care.

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