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Cognitive Assessment

What is Neuropsychological Assessment?

Also known as cognitive assessment, neuropsychological assessment refers to the assessment of cognition and behavior, including examining the effects of any brain injury, illness or neuropathological process that a person may have experienced. Many mental illnesses are associated with cognitive impairment. A core part of neuropsychological assessment is the administration of neuropsychological tests for the formal assessment of cognitive function. Aspects of cognitive functioning that are assessed typically include orientation, attention, new learning/memory, processing speed, language, visuoperception, problem-solving and executive function.

Why do we perform neuropsychological assessments at the Lieber Clinic?

1. To understand the pattern of cognitive strengths and weaknesses and how they may be impacting that person's functioning.

2. To determine which treatment modalities may be most beneficial. These may include cognitive training, executive functioning group, and recovery coaching.

What type of assessments are performed at the Lieber Clinic?

Our specialized neuropsychological assessments are specifically geared toward the clinical populations we serve. They are designed to efficiently assess the cognitive strengths and weaknesses associated with schizophrenia spectrum illnesses, bipolar disorder, depression, and adult ADHD. Our assessments typically take 90 minutes. A brief report will summarize cognitive strengths and weaknesses, etiological considerations and recommended treatment.

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