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Autism & Neurodiversity Services

We specialize in working with autistic adults ages 18 and older. We work within a neurodiversity framework, and understand that autism can present differently in different people. We work with adults with moderate to low support needs who are verbal.

Our program is ideal for those looking for support with:

  • Cognition/Executive functioning

  • Communication

  • Relationships

  • Emotion regulation

  • Self-esteem and combating stigma

  • Attuning to sensory/stimming needs

  • Crisis (e.g., Meltdowns, self-harm, aggressive ideation, etc.)

  • Sleep

  • Daily living activities 

  • Transit independence

  • Co-Occurring mental health challenges 

  • Academic and vocational pursuits


As a group therapy based program, our program is not appropriate for those who:

  • Are non-verbal or have limited verbal communication

  • Are unable to regulate self injurious behaviors in a group setting

  • Are unable to participate in group without becoming severely dysregulated at times

  • Engage in or have recently engaged in aggressive behavior



Jac Den Houting is an award winning scientist and researcher who works to combat stigma and increase awareness of mental health in autism. Jac was diagnosed as autistic when they were 25-years-old, and experienced a great deal of clarity and self-understanding when learning about what that meant. In this talk, Jac talks about their own experiences as an autistic, LGBTQIA+ person, what neurodiversity means to them, and why autism is not a “tragedy”.



















Comprehensive and personalized treatment is the key to success, and we offer the following:

Skills Training: We offer training in social cognition and social skills using the PEERS Method, as well as neuro-cognitive remediation

Psychotherapy: We offer CBT, DBT, ACT as well as other groups to explore neurodiversity, gender identity and sexual orientation


Educational and Employment Support: Individual supported education and employment coaching

Organization and Life Skills: CBT for executive functioning, life skills coaching

Family Services: Supportive counseling, parenting training, and family therapy


Care Coordination: We offer monthly coordination with neurodiversity affirming therapists to work with each participant to support their individual goals.

Social Groups: We offer free social groups so participants can gain community and practice skills.

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