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Skills Coaching

Skills Coaches work with clients to develop and strengthen independent living skills, organizational skills, work skills, education skills and social skills. Sessions that take place outside of the clinic provide opportunities for people to practice in the community the different skills learned in groups. The Lieber Clinic is proud to be the first program in the country to apply skills coaching to the treatment of people with psychotic disorders.


Skills Coaches typically teach and practice the following skills with clients:

  1. Techniques to address Organization and Time Management Skills

  2. Techniques to address Independent Travel Goals

  3. Techniques to address Independent Living Goals

  4. Techniques to address Managing Finances

  5. Techniques to address Personal Hygiene and Style Goals

  6. Techniques to address Employment Goals

  7. Techniques to address Education Goals

  8. Techniques to address Social Goals

              a. Social interaction skills (eye contact, initiate & maintain conversations, etc)

              b. Social graces (table manners, etiquette, tipping, etc)

  9.  Techniques to Address Psychotic Symptoms in Real World Settings

               a. Managing Paranoia in Public Settings (restaurants, buses)
               b. Managing Hallucinations in Public Settings
                c. Managing Thought Disorder in Social Situations

Skills coaching can range from 1 to 10 hours per week, based on the personal needs and goals of the individual client. Sessions may be for an individual or small group. This service is only available to people who attend a group at the clinic. Skills coaches are members of the Lieber Clinic multidisciplinary team and participate in clinical team rounds where comprehensive and coordinated treatment plans are developed and updated as clients achieve goals.

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