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Lieber Explorer Club

Providing opportunities for social interaction and promoting involvement in a variety of activities is critical for recovery from psychiatric illness. High social support decreases the chances of an illness episode onset and increases chances of recovery.   Being involved in meaningful activities, which refers to pursuits that allow a person to grow in connection, confidence and contribution through development of skills, education, vocation, or relationships, has been identified qualitatively as important to promoting recovery as well. The role of social support in recovery is not merely that of building more social ties, but investing social life with meaning, which may be assisted by participation in community activities.

With support from a generous, private donor, The Lieber Explorers Club provides safe, mentored opportunities to create social connections, engage in pleasurable activities, and gain exposure to new ideas, opportunities, environments, and experiences. In addition, clients working to improve their social skills and social cognition benefit from opportunities to practice the skills they are learning in the Lieber Clinic in real-world settings.


Anyone attending treatment at the Lieber Recovery Clinic is eligible to participate. The Explorers Club meets several times a month and is often peer led, with mentorship from clinical staff. Recent activities include Music Jam Sessions, Dungeons and Dragons, Art Fair and community based outings.  Explorer club members are encouraged to be involved in the planning of future events/outings.

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