Covid-19 Response

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The Lieber Clinic will continue to provide care, community, and education during the Corona Virus (Covid-19) outbreak. We know that the current global situation can invoke anxiety, and precautions meant to reduce risk of infection spread can increase social isolation. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that people find ways to stay connected to one another, and have mental health support. Further, it is our goal to minimize disruption to ongoing services to our current clients. We plan to facilitate these goals in accordance with guidance from health officials and policies of Columbia University with whom we are affiliated, by converting our clinical services, where feasible, to virtual/telehealth sessions.


Instructions to Current Clients


The Lieber Clinic will offer to conduct individual sessions, group sessions, and assessments via telehealth service. Telehealth service is the delivery of healthcare services when the therapist and patient are not in the same physical location/site through the use of various technology. This could include video sessions via telehealth software on a computer or tablet, or phone sessions.


STEP 1:  Adding Mychart: Please download the MyChart App from the App store (Apple) or Google Play (Android) to your smartphone or tablet or enroll via the the mychart website (see PDF below).

This App will be one of the ways we will connect to patients virtually. See this document for detailed instructions:

Step 2: Please download this form (the PDF icon below), which outlines the risk/benefits of telehealth sessions, along with guidelines and expectations for clients who choose to opt in to this service. Please email the signed form or an acknowledgement of having read the form and agreement to abide by the guidelines set forth therein, to: Tiffany Herlands, PsyD


Step 4: Attending Virtual Groups or Individual Meetings via Webex: 

To engage in virtual groups, you will need a computer/laptop/smartphone (which should be utilized in a private area) with access to a camera and microphone and headphones. All virtual groups will run at their normally scheduled time, unless indicated otherwise. You will receive an email invite from your group leader when your group is about to start, and then follow the instructions below:

  1. Open your email from your group leader.

  2. Hit the green button Join meeting (see below)

  3. From there, you can choose your preferred way to start the video call such as via the app (open the desktop app) or via your browser (Join from your browser)

If you need assistance with technological issues, please contact the front desk and ask for the covering clinician or contact your coordinator.

If you have any questions, please contact your coordinator. The clinic can be reached at 212-326-8441.

New Clients

If you are interested in treatment at the Lieber Clinic, we continue to accept new patients. Please contact our intake team at 212-326-8441 for more information.

These are unprecedented circumstances which we will endure

and overcome as a community, together.

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