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Rates, Insurance, Policies


The Lieber Clinic is primarily a self-pay clinic. We accept the Aetna Student Health and NYU Consolidated Health plan only, and will bill those plans directly while the client is responsible for copays. For those with other health insurance plans, we will provide paid statements which you may submit to your insurance company. Each insurance company and each plan has a different reimbursement policy and schedule. Please check your benefits directly with your insurance provider. Please note that some services offered at the Lieber Clinic are not reimbursable by insurance even if you have out of network benefits. We do not accept Medicaid and Medicare.

If you plan to submit your bills to your insurance company, we suggest you call IN ADVANCE of making an appointment with us, to verify what the plan will cover and if they require any precertification information. You can let them know that you are seeking outpatient group psychotherapy at the Columbia Day Treatment Program which is an out of network provider. We bill most of our groups using procedural code CPT 90853. Exceptions to this are the Cognitive Remediation groups, Academic Support groups, and Employment Support groups (aka Get Things Done, Study Hall) which are all billed as "unspecified service" using the code CPT 91999. Please note that this is NOT a covered code. Insurance companies will either immediately deny coverage or ask for additional information. Regardless of what is provided, these services will not be covered and have to be considered out of pocket expenses in their entirety. Recovery coaching is also a non-covered service and is billed using code CPT 99199. It will not be reimbursed.

Initial appointment/interview:    $375
Mandatory Family Orientation:   $270
2 Hour Group Therapy Session: $270
1 Hour Group Therapy Session: $170
Neuropsychological testing:       $700-3500
Family Therapy, per hour:           $425
Individual Psychotherapy:           $100-300
Individual Supportive Education or Employment, per hour weekday: $150

Recovery Coaching per hour, Weekday:  $150
Recovery Coaching per hour, Weekend:  $175
Two 2-hour groups which occur on the same day (i.e. 4 hours of treatment on a single day) is billed at $485 for the day.


The intake fee is charged on the date of the appointment. All forms of payment are accepted for this charge.

Ongoing program fees are billed in two ways: Either a credit card is left on file with our secured billing department, and fees are automatically charged on a weekly basis, or payment is made by check for one month of planned treatment in advance of the treatment. For example: If the client is scheduled to attend 3 groups per week at a cost of $270 per group, the weekly fee will be $810. Four weeks of treatment at that rate is $3240. In the case of paying by check, the client would be required to provide a check in the amount of $3240 on the 1st of the month. Any remaining credit at the end of a month (due to an excused absence or change in schedule, for example) will be applied to the following month's anticipated fees. Clients leaving the program will be refunded any credit balance.

Reduced Fee
Reduced fee services are available on a very limited basis.

Attendance Policy
Once clients have been assigned a weekly schedule of groups at the program, which occurs after the initial intake appointment, clients are expected to have a 100% rate of attendance. Improvements in symptoms and functioning only occur with consistent attendance. Further, group members rely on the presence of their peers. Absences therefore have an impact at both the individual and group levels. Therefore, absences that are not approved in advance or are not the result of a serious medical illness, will be charged in full. 

Clients are permitted to take 2 weeks of planned vacation and are excused for medical appointments, job and school interviews, and religious holidays. Clients are asked to fill out a vacation request form, available at the reception desk, and have it signed by their assigned coordinator in advance of any planned absences.

Individual Mental Health Provider Policy
Clients at the Lieber Clinic are required to work with an individual psychiatrist, and in some cases, a therapist as well, prior to beginning treatment at the Lieber Clinic and for the duration of the treatment. Most of our clients continue to see their community based doctors. We can also provide referrals for both in-house and community-based providers as needed.

Once a client has completed their intake interview and given a schedule of groups, they are assigned a treatment coordinator. The coordinator is a Lieber Clinic staff member, as is the person responsible for monitoring a client's attendance, coordinating care with physicians and family, and the person to whom the client and the family should speak should there be questions or concerns. Current clients who are unsure of their coordinator can ask any group leader or the front desk for their coordinator's name.

Should the client or the family have any immediate concerns of a life threatening nature, they should call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. Once in emergency care, please inform the psychiatrist and the Lieber Clinic coordinator.